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Wines of Southern France


France is famous the world over for its amazing food and wine, and it is home to some of the world’s most renowned vineyards, wine producers, and grape varieties. Southern France has a number of prolific wine regions that are well-known and highly regarded. Southern Growing Regions The Cotes du Rhone wine growing region is more famous for the vast expanse of its vineyards — which stretch from Lyons to Camargue — than the character […]

Cities in Southern France that are Tourism Friendly


South of France, Rich in History The South of France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is chosen for its vineyards and wine tasting, its Mediterranean climate, its beaches and seaside resorts in St Tropez and Nice, its fields of lavender in the Provence, but also its history. There are traces of Roman settlement, medieval castles, gothic churches and evidence that the South of France was once the land the […]

8 Things to do in Southern France in the Summer


Visiting the South of France If you are planning your summer vacation, then the South of France is the ideal location. There is a great range of activities to enjoy and sights to explore during your time there. Here are eight things you should definitely do if you are in the South of France during the summer months. Top 8 Things to Do France is well-known for its fine dining and prides itself on being […]